Eric Pulier’s Life, Business, and Philanthropic Work

Early life and Education

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, technologist, author, columnist, and philanthropist. Raised in New Jersey, Eric Pulier’s became fascinated with the subject of computer programming in the fourth grade. He established his first database computer company while in high school. Mr. Pulier joined Harvard University in 1984 to pursue Bachelor of Arts in English and American Literature.

Business Ventures

Eric Pulier co-founded several companies such as People Doing Things, Digital Evolution, SOA Software Inc., and Interactive Video Technology. Besides, he owns Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh, and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. Currently, Eric Pulier serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ServiceMesh. Also, Eric has invested in various VCs such as Trident Capital, eCompanies, and Monitor Ventures. Furthermore, Eric Pulier has an interest in media and technology startups.

Work Experience

Mr. Pulier has served in different capacities throughout his two-decade career life. Besides serving as the CEO and Chairman of his companies, Eric served as Cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation’s Vice Chief Operating Officer. Moreover, Eric Pulier served as the Secretary of Santa Monica Media Corporation and as its Chief Technology Officer. In 1997, Mr. Pulier was appointed to the Presidential Inaugural Committee to manage the Presidential Technology Exhibition held in the Washington D.C. While serving on the committee; Eric Pulier was appointed as the advisor on National Health Care initiatives. Currently, Eric serves as SOA Software at Logic Library’s director as well as the Director of Santa Monica Media Corp. Besides, Eric Pulier is a renowned public speaker at technology conferences around the world.


Eric Pulier’s philanthropic work would use technology to solve challenges faced by economically disadvantaged communities and physically disabled children in the United States. Eric developed the world’s first multimedia educational programs on Multiple Sclerosis for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Moreover, Pulier served as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, a program that provides low-cost cloud-computing resources to under-served communities. He also supports the ACE Foundation, a humanitarian organization involved in the management and micro-transaction system used in the distribution of drinking water and data analysis. In partnership with HeroX, ACE Foundation sponsors technological initiatives geared towards addressing life-threating issues.

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Why Labaton Sucharow is Happy After SEC Announcement On Payouts

Since 2010, the SEC has been operating on a different system that allows whistleblowers to enjoy rewards while also protecting them from possible intimidation or victimization. Through the SEC Whistleblower Program, whistleblowers can earn rewards for exposing violations in different industries. The new regulations offer motivation to whistleblowers and this has seen the number of cases reported increase within the last five years.

During a recent announcement, the SEC revealed the second best payout the body ever made since it was founded in 2010. The payout amounted to more than $17 million and was won by a Labaton Sucharow client, who shared information about violations that occur in the financial sector. This information carried a lot of weight and allowed the whistleblower to risk many things including his life to get the facts to the SEC. Many people likely had similar facts but could not match right into the SEC offices to expose the wrong doings because the individuals involved are highly influential.

Labaton Sucharow was happy to record success yet again with their client. The law firm was the first to come up with a system of supporting whistleblowers across the country and has since been able to work with hundreds, most of whom have won huge payouts. Labaton Sucharow picks the information shared by the whistleblower then counterchecks the facts before passing them over to the SEC for verification. The main role of the firm is to pick all information that can help the whistleblower to win the case and all the details that are likely to make the process difficult are filtered out.

More about Labaton Sucharow
Labaton Sucharow has been operational for over five decades and in that long period, the firm has worked with companies, institutional investors, businesses and consumers with difficult business litigation cases. It came in as the first firm to establish a system dedicated to supporting whistleblowers with information about violations to be presented to the SEC. The firm has remained on the top of the list among plaintiff litigation firms according to its ranking in the global chart.

About the SEC
The Securities Exchange Commission is a government body that advocates for the protection of consumer rights. In 2010, the SEC established the SEC Whistleblower Program in line with the Dodd-Frank amendment. Through the program, whistleblowers can enjoy anonymous reporting and rewards amounting up to 30% of the sanctions collected after the case is reviewed.

Finding Excellent New York City Real Estate Is Easy With Town Residential


Marsha and Tim were looking for their first place in New York City, and they both arrived in the city just days before. Marsha and Tim depend on the taxi driver, who is taking them around, to help them explore the city, but they still end up getting lost, and they’ve had several days of fruitless searches when it comes to finding their new home.


What Marsha and Tim need to do is stop looking on their own for a home in New York City and call Town Residential. Town Residential can do all the work necessary to find them a great home, and they’ll be more than impressed with the home that they choose. Once this couple chooses Town Residential, then the agent will get to work looking for places that fit the type of home that they are looking for. In this case, Marsha in Tim want an apartment that has a good view of the city near the heart of New York City in Manhattan.


Town Residential has many choices when it comes to homes, and finding apartments for rent is also one of their specialties in NYC. Not only will Tim and Marsha be able to find the home they need once they start working with Town Residential, but satisfaction is also guaranteed. Town Residential goes out of their way to ensure that their customers are satisfied, and a follow-up service is done with their customers to ensure that they have achieved their ultimate goal of finding a great home.


Even those who are moving to New York City for business purposes can work with Town Residential, and their five-star concierge service can help them to book transportation services and ensure that they get to New York City. The person will also go through New York City to see the different homes that they can choose from. Town Residential is an agency that goes above and beyond what’s normal for other real estate agencies when it comes to looking for a home. Town Residential should always be the first choice of any real estate agency in New York City when someone is looking for a home.

How To Build An Effective Online Reputation Management Strategy

Monitoring your online reputation is a great idea. It gives you insight into what image your brand has on the web and what people are saying about it. Just monitoring your brand alone, won’t lead to a better reputation. You need to proactively build and manage your reputation and that involves monitoring to some degree.

The first key to an effective online Reputation Defender and management strategy involves fostering good reviews on the web about your business. This is especially important if your company is just starting out. People are often hesitant to gamble their money on a new business when there are other ones that are established or in place already. Getting positive reviews in the beginning of your business is therefore absolutely crucial. They provide that confidence booster for a person to go ahead and try your product or service. After all, with a positive review, you will have established some trustworthiness and credibility in their eyes.

Another key aspect of online reputation management is responding to customer complaints, concerns and frustrations in a professional, positive and discreet way. An angry customer can wreck havoc on your brand image through angry rants, postings and spreading the negative experience by word of mouth. Don’t let this happen to you. Here is how you can prevent or at the very least minimize the damage from an angry customer.

You should provide an avenue for customers to be able to message you in private on any issues, concerns, feedback or suggestions they have regarding your service. A live chat is a good option. It allows a customer to vent and have their issue addressed quickly. Even if you cannot do something right away regarding their issue, it is better to have an angry customer vent at a customer service representative than take to twitter and trash your brand.

Another thing to do is to build up a positive image for your company. You can do this through corporate social responsibility. This involves donating money, time and resources to charity. This sends a message to people, that you care about the community or have values that are similar to your clients such as promoting sustainability in the workplace.


Organo Gold – Products for an Advancing Population

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua. The goal of the company is to spread the word about the wonders of Ganoderma, a genus of mushroom that contains around 80 species. These mushrooms are proven to have an extremely strong antioxidant property, and are extremely healthy when combined with a meal.

When the company was founded, Bernardo sought out to spread the word about the wonderous Ganoderma mushroom genus. He wanted to prove that the antioxidant powers of this plant could be incorporated into every day products that fit into our busy lifestyles. Now, Organo Gold has managed to infuse products that we have ready access to with the wonders of this mushroom. Items like:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Vitamins
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Bodycare Supplies

… and many more

The products produced by Organo Gold can be purchased at specialty stores and online through a number of distributors. The company has built an unprecedented, collaborative relationship with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, which has helped many successful entrepreneurs become successful and achieve financial freedom with their ides.

Currently, Organo Gold has products in the Beverage industry, Brewing Cup industry, Body Management industry and the Personal Care industry. They have developed a number of other business ventures that run alongside the main focus, including:

  • OG- Cares – A Community Service Organizaton
  • OG  Radio – A health centered radio community
  • OG Buisiness Tools – A resource guide for entrepreneurs.

Each year the revenue of Organo Gold is increasing. In 2010, they took in over $150 million. In 2015, the company brought in more than $800 million in revenues. Since the company is based on holistic values, they donate a large portion of their revenue to community maintenance, and charitable donations.

Customers are extremely happy with the products made by Bernado Chua, mostly because all of their products are guaranteed organic, and the work just as good, if not better, then other brands that have been used for years.

The Combined Ingredients That Made VTA Publications a Success


VTA Publications Ltd was established in 2012 with one significant goal, to educate consumers by offering reliable and knowledgeable investing information. Jim Hunt, a practiced financial advisor at the publishing company discusses the combined ingredients behind his success, according to Ideamensch. Hunt said he discovered success by accepting failure and learning from is mistakes. Financial success doesn’t happen over-night for most people, but strong will and determination are the keys ingredients. He had to accept his mistakes and failures and keep striving to accomplish his goals.

While Jim was on a journey to become an entrepreneur, he’s said on Twitter that he realized the importance of knowledge in the investment industry and human psychology. He told Ideamensch that he suggests to everyone to listen to the complaints of people. Entrepreneurs have to develop listening skills in order to solve problems of consumers and market products. Hunt said he experienced failures attempting to get advertising to work for his business. Although, there was obstacles in the way he used those failures as stepping stones to discover what actually worked for his company.

Jim Hunt was influenced by the late author and trader, Jesse Livermore. Throughout his investment and entrepreneurial career, he has read many books, including Reminiscences of a Stock Operator and Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He recommends Rich Dad, Poor Dad to anyone looking to make money through investments. The book gives its readers understanding how money actually works. He said Reminiscences of a Stock Operator transformed his thinking as a trader and provided him valuable knowledge.

Hunt serves as Chief Executive Officer and Financial Advisor of VTA Publications and oversees its daily operations. VTA focuses on the development of investment material to teach individuals lessons and market trends of the economy and finance. The company provides virtual educational courses to teach average people how to invest and receive rewarding capital gains. Jim Hunt and VTA’s investment experts and financial professionals contribute effective information proven to be safe. He encourages investors to embrace their mistakes and failures which creates determination and leads to the road of entrepreneurship success.

Bob Reina Believes In The Power Philanthropy Has To Change Lives

Bob Reina, a Tampa Florida-based entrepreneur and former police officer, is encouraging something generous at his company, Talk Fusion. As part of his associate reward program, he’s encouraging associates to give away a Talk Fusion account to a local charity or non-profit group, and make a difference in people’s lives. The reason Reina is doing this is he believes that “with great success comes even greater responsibility.” Reina does not believe in simply spending the money he’s made with Talk Fusion on himself, but gives it back to local causes that he cares about. Charities in the city of Tampa have received over $1 billion in money given by Reina to date.


Reina has been a philanthropist because he’s seen how making bold life-changing decisions can bring the greatest happiness. His boldest decision came nearly 20 years ago when he decided to change careers and go into business for himself. It certainly was a little intimidating for Reina who was going into the field of direct selling, of which he knew little about, but he persevered in it, determined to be successful. While he was away on vacation, he came up with an earth-shattering idea to change the way videos could be sent to people. His solution was a video email product in which users could convert video files they recorded into actual emails they could send. Once he had that product developed, he had laid the foundation of his life-changing company, Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion started developing many video marketing products, including newsletters, conference and meeting software, live chat, and customer lead signup forms. Reina decided to make all of his products available as free trials that could be used in their entirety for 30 days, and users that signup for the trials don’t even need to use a credit card. He also started a program with rewards and incentives for people who wanted to resell the video marketing products that allowed them to earn their own money doing so. When Reina isn’t working, you might find him at the local pet shelter, or possibly running in the local triathlon.


Hostelling International Announces Partnership With ReviewPro to Improve Guest Satisfaction

With the accommodation industry becoming more competitive every day, many businesses in the industry are turning to online reputation management firms to get a better idea of what people are saying about them online and to manage their brand’s overall reputation. A large number of travelers are now using websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor when deciding where they would be staying on their next trip. This includes people who are looking for alternatives to traditional hotels.
Hostels are preferred by many budget travelers, especially young people who are more likely to read online reviews before they decide on where they would be staying. While they may not demand luxurious accommodations, they still want to ensure that the establishment they select is clean, safe and provides amenities they would find useful, such as Wi-Fi Internet access.

This explains why Hostelling International, the largest network of youth hostels in the world, has recently teamed up with ReviewPro to give member hostels better tools to manage their online reputation. ReviewPro is a company in the online reputation management industry specializing in solutions for independent hotel brands and other accommodation providers.

With ReviewPro’s various guest intelligence tools, hostels will gain access to detailed analytics and can take action to improve overall guest satisfaction. Users of the ReviewPro platform can quickly see what is being said about their establishment on various review and social media websites. They will also get access to the Global Review Index, an online reputation score commonly used in the accommodation industry that is based on data collected from 175 websites. This score lets every establishment see how they’re doing when compared to competitors.

As a result of the partnership, hostels will also get access to the Guest Survey Solution provided by ReviewPro. This cloud-based service makes creating guest satisfaction surveys easy and gives hostel management a clear picture of what they’re doing right and what they could improve to make their guests happier. By implementing the right changes, hostels can get better rankings on popular review sites and thus increase their revenue by drawing in more guests.


Activist Thor Halvorssen Reveals His Own Views On Some Of The World’s Most Famous Tyrants

How many people would have heard of the country Turkmenistan without the work of Thor Halvorssen to reveal the major funding given to Oscar winning actress Hilary Swank when she was attended an event as a guest of the country’s dictator.

The Venezuelan born activist has been a major thorn in the side of individual dictators and the governments they represent, particularly the governments of North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela that show just how diverse the work of Thor Halvorssen has become.

When Halvorssen formed the Human Rights Foundation he set out to show the world the problems the people of the world face far from the glare of the media in democratic countries in Europe and North America.

The problems Thor Halvorssen is attempting to highlight have been aided by the assembly of a small board of trustees for his Human Rights Foundation who work hard to make sure the most terrible tyrants are brought to book by the group. Halvorssen continued his personal battle with Russian President Vladimir Putin by appointing one of the most high profile opponents of the Russian leader, Gary Kasparov as the President of the HRF.

There is much more to Thor Halvorssen than simply his role as the leader of the Human Rights Foundation, instead the film producer has become a respected creator of documentary films detailing many of his personal passions. Halvorssen has embarked upon a career in the film industry that has seen his films win awards around the world for their subject matter.

The accolades for Thor Halvorssen continue to flow into the offices of the Human Rights Foundation with humanitarian and freedom of speech awards among those he has received in recent years.

Halvorssen has become so respected that the ownership of a socialist based newspaper in his native Norway has been given the opportunity to give his political and humanitarian opinion on shows and in newspapers for both right and left leaning media groups.

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Why Every Business or Individual Should Get a Wikipedia Writer

Founded by Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia serves as a free platform for the individuals or businesses to be recognized. They have over half a million Wikipedia edits every day, and this means that they have to control the quality of the content in their pages through the formulation of the site’s policies, in which they are very strict. There are Wikipedia editors who control what goes to the page, and a small mistake may lead to flagging or taking down of the page. A Wikipedia Page can do wonders for business in a very short period, and it aids in building trust to their customers as well as causing an increase in the sales. The exposure you get when you make a Wiki page leads to more people getting interested in buying your products or services. Wikipedia serves the as a good platform to market a business or personal brand, and this equally improves the reputation of the party involved. Wikipedia does not allow self-promotional content on their pages

Unfortunately, the real intents of some people remain known and this may put one in a situation as the one Marion Cotillard is in after an unknown person made Wikipedia revisions to her page. There had been unconfirmed rumors that Brad Pitt cheated on his wife with Cottilard, and this is when the news hit the internet after someone attacked her twice on her Wikipedia page. In the occupation area on her Wikipedia page, the edit said “reason why the power couple broke up” and the second time it stated “singer, actress, and cheater.” This news comes some weeks to the release of the movie “Allied” in November where Marion and Brad Pitt will be starring. Without hiring a Wikipedia editor, one gets exposed to internet savages like in Marion Cotillard case and their reputation spoiled in a click of a button.

Wikipedia is one of the top ten visited places on the internet, and their results appear on the first page in the search engines. Therefore, Wikipedia is a valuable asset for the entrepreneurs who are seeking to widen their clients’ base. The Wikipedia experts monitor your page and ensure any malicious information about an individual or business that can work against the business growth get contained. They also translate the Wikipedia pages into different languages according to the client’s preferences. Wikipedia writers help update a Wikipedia page for people who may seek their services or the ones who find the Wikipedia’s rules too detailed to follow. More information on hiring Wiki writers.