Bob Reina Believes In The Power Philanthropy Has To Change Lives

Bob Reina, a Tampa Florida-based entrepreneur and former police officer, is encouraging something generous at his company, Talk Fusion. As part of his associate reward program, he’s encouraging associates to give away a Talk Fusion account to a local charity or non-profit group, and make a difference in people’s lives. The reason Reina is doing this is he believes that “with great success comes even greater responsibility.” Reina does not believe in simply spending the money he’s made with Talk Fusion on himself, but gives it back to local causes that he cares about. Charities in the city of Tampa have received over $1 billion in money given by Reina to date.


Reina has been a philanthropist because he’s seen how making bold life-changing decisions can bring the greatest happiness. His boldest decision came nearly 20 years ago when he decided to change careers and go into business for himself. It certainly was a little intimidating for Reina who was going into the field of direct selling, of which he knew little about, but he persevered in it, determined to be successful. While he was away on vacation, he came up with an earth-shattering idea to change the way videos could be sent to people. His solution was a video email product in which users could convert video files they recorded into actual emails they could send. Once he had that product developed, he had laid the foundation of his life-changing company, Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion started developing many video marketing products, including newsletters, conference and meeting software, live chat, and customer lead signup forms. Reina decided to make all of his products available as free trials that could be used in their entirety for 30 days, and users that signup for the trials don’t even need to use a credit card. He also started a program with rewards and incentives for people who wanted to resell the video marketing products that allowed them to earn their own money doing so. When Reina isn’t working, you might find him at the local pet shelter, or possibly running in the local triathlon.


Hostelling International Announces Partnership With ReviewPro to Improve Guest Satisfaction

With the accommodation industry becoming more competitive every day, many businesses in the industry are turning to online reputation management firms to get a better idea of what people are saying about them online and to manage their brand’s overall reputation. A large number of travelers are now using websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor when deciding where they would be staying on their next trip. This includes people who are looking for alternatives to traditional hotels.
Hostels are preferred by many budget travelers, especially young people who are more likely to read online reviews before they decide on where they would be staying. While they may not demand luxurious accommodations, they still want to ensure that the establishment they select is clean, safe and provides amenities they would find useful, such as Wi-Fi Internet access.

This explains why Hostelling International, the largest network of youth hostels in the world, has recently teamed up with ReviewPro to give member hostels better tools to manage their online reputation. ReviewPro is a company in the online reputation management industry specializing in solutions for independent hotel brands and other accommodation providers.

With ReviewPro’s various guest intelligence tools, hostels will gain access to detailed analytics and can take action to improve overall guest satisfaction. Users of the ReviewPro platform can quickly see what is being said about their establishment on various review and social media websites. They will also get access to the Global Review Index, an online reputation score commonly used in the accommodation industry that is based on data collected from 175 websites. This score lets every establishment see how they’re doing when compared to competitors.

As a result of the partnership, hostels will also get access to the Guest Survey Solution provided by ReviewPro. This cloud-based service makes creating guest satisfaction surveys easy and gives hostel management a clear picture of what they’re doing right and what they could improve to make their guests happier. By implementing the right changes, hostels can get better rankings on popular review sites and thus increase their revenue by drawing in more guests.


Activist Thor Halvorssen Reveals His Own Views On Some Of The World’s Most Famous Tyrants

How many people would have heard of the country Turkmenistan without the work of Thor Halvorssen to reveal the major funding given to Oscar winning actress Hilary Swank when she was attended an event as a guest of the country’s dictator.

The Venezuelan born activist has been a major thorn in the side of individual dictators and the governments they represent, particularly the governments of North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela that show just how diverse the work of Thor Halvorssen has become.

When Halvorssen formed the Human Rights Foundation he set out to show the world the problems the people of the world face far from the glare of the media in democratic countries in Europe and North America.

The problems Thor Halvorssen is attempting to highlight have been aided by the assembly of a small board of trustees for his Human Rights Foundation who work hard to make sure the most terrible tyrants are brought to book by the group. Halvorssen continued his personal battle with Russian President Vladimir Putin by appointing one of the most high profile opponents of the Russian leader, Gary Kasparov as the President of the HRF.

There is much more to Thor Halvorssen than simply his role as the leader of the Human Rights Foundation, instead the film producer has become a respected creator of documentary films detailing many of his personal passions. Halvorssen has embarked upon a career in the film industry that has seen his films win awards around the world for their subject matter.

The accolades for Thor Halvorssen continue to flow into the offices of the Human Rights Foundation with humanitarian and freedom of speech awards among those he has received in recent years.

Halvorssen has become so respected that the ownership of a socialist based newspaper in his native Norway has been given the opportunity to give his political and humanitarian opinion on shows and in newspapers for both right and left leaning media groups.

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Why Every Business or Individual Should Get a Wikipedia Writer

Founded by Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia serves as a free platform for the individuals or businesses to be recognized. They have over half a million Wikipedia edits every day, and this means that they have to control the quality of the content in their pages through the formulation of the site’s policies, in which they are very strict. There are Wikipedia editors who control what goes to the page, and a small mistake may lead to flagging or taking down of the page. A Wikipedia Page can do wonders for business in a very short period, and it aids in building trust to their customers as well as causing an increase in the sales. The exposure you get when you make a Wiki page leads to more people getting interested in buying your products or services. Wikipedia serves the as a good platform to market a business or personal brand, and this equally improves the reputation of the party involved. Wikipedia does not allow self-promotional content on their pages

Unfortunately, the real intents of some people remain known and this may put one in a situation as the one Marion Cotillard is in after an unknown person made Wikipedia revisions to her page. There had been unconfirmed rumors that Brad Pitt cheated on his wife with Cottilard, and this is when the news hit the internet after someone attacked her twice on her Wikipedia page. In the occupation area on her Wikipedia page, the edit said “reason why the power couple broke up” and the second time it stated “singer, actress, and cheater.” This news comes some weeks to the release of the movie “Allied” in November where Marion and Brad Pitt will be starring. Without hiring a Wikipedia editor, one gets exposed to internet savages like in Marion Cotillard case and their reputation spoiled in a click of a button.

Wikipedia is one of the top ten visited places on the internet, and their results appear on the first page in the search engines. Therefore, Wikipedia is a valuable asset for the entrepreneurs who are seeking to widen their clients’ base. The Wikipedia experts monitor your page and ensure any malicious information about an individual or business that can work against the business growth get contained. They also translate the Wikipedia pages into different languages according to the client’s preferences. Wikipedia writers help update a Wikipedia page for people who may seek their services or the ones who find the Wikipedia’s rules too detailed to follow. More information on hiring Wiki writers.

Status Labs Lands A Spot On Austin’s Fast 50 List

Online reputation management provider Status Labs recently landed a spot of the list of Austin’s 50 fastest-growing companies by the Austin Business Journal. Status Labs received the honor for their financial increase of more than 1,090% between 2012 and 2015. Companies and independent businesses who demonstrate a significant amount of financial growth over the minimum of three years may be considered for the award. President and CEO of Status Labs Darius Fisher says that the company is honored to have been placed on the list of Austin’s Fast 50, citing Austin as a hotspot for business and technology. The ability to stand out among the several business and startups gives the team at Status Labs confirmation of their efforts and the motivation they need to continue moving forward.

Status Labs was founded in 2011 as an international reputation management firm. They are heavily committed to helping establish and reestablish both professional and personal reputations of their clients, and protecting them from irreparable damage due to negative reputations. With the heavy use of technology, consumes are beginning to rely heavily on the internet for reviews and opinions on a business. A few negative experiences can make a major difference in your traffic and could possibly have a negative effective on your business finances.

Establishing yourself or your brand is difficult in a world of competitors, but establishing a damaged or blemished reputation can prove to be a much more difficult task. The team at Status Labs understands that. They understand the importance of maintaining a good reputation, ad well as the difficulties of managing it. With their six step process, Status Labs helps professionals all over help reclaim their names and get back on the path to success. Removing negative reviews and bad press is next to impossible, and simply ignoring them could potentially irreparable damage. Don’t wait until you have already fallen off of the path, Let Status Labs keep you on the straight and narrow and improve your digital footprint one step at a time.

Visit Status Labs on their website to learn more about their news and services.

Startup Companies Are Using Shared Office Space


One of the most difficult things to do is to create a new company and turn it into a success. Doing something like this requires a great deal of financial planning. This is because the vast majority of new companies do not have a lot of money to spend on things like office space, equipment and marketing. Therefore, the owners of these companies need to get creative regarding the ways that they can limit their expenses and still provide quality products and services to their customers. One of the ways that startup companies are doing this is through the use of shared office space.

The rent that many landlords are charging for office space can be very expensive. This is especially true in cities that have a high cost of living. It can cripple a new company financially to pay for office space rent on their own. However, two or three companies teaming up to pay the rent makes a great deal of sense for new companies that are struggling to make ends meet. Studies of companies that are participating in shared office space situations have shown that the people tend to get along well together. However, it is very important for companies to get an office with an adequate amount of space for each company to do their job efficiently.

There have been many companies that have gotten involved in the shared office space industry because it has proven to be very lucrative. One of the most significant companies in New York City is called Workville. Their office space is in close proximity to Times Square. One of the reasons they have become so successful in this industry is because they provide offices that are already furnished and equipped with printers and Internet service. This means that the companies can move into their office space immediately after signing their lease. This type of convenience is what makes Workville unique among companies that offer offices for rent throughout Manhattan. The rent you pay for Workville offices also includes a daily cleaning service to make sure that your office space always looks very professional.  Check out Workville’s reviews on Yelp for a fuller portrait of this company.

Surviving A Reputation Attack

For any entrepreneur building and maintaining an excellent reputation is very significant. However, sometimes you may find bumps in the road while running a business. More than often attacks regarding your business and reputation may happen. There are some basic tips for surviving an attack while running a business.

A great tip is to not attack back. Even though that may be the initial reaction to defend the business and reputation it can cause dire consequences. Your image as an entrepreneur will be less than professional. Instead ignore and move on. Let the commitment of your clients and the positive image you have built as an entrepreneur show that it will not being affected.

Another tip as a business entrepreneur is to stay in contact with your current customers and provide reassurance. Let your customers know that the business is committed to staying around no matter what. Also, reassure your customers that they will still be provided with the quality service they have always experienced. Don’t let any difficult situation attacking the business and reputation separate you from providing for your customers. Also, you can provide customers with more value services. While being in a challenging situation instead of becoming withdrawn push forward with merchandise, services, and content that can help solve problems. Customers will appreciate what you are providing. As a result positive messages will be more likely associated with your reputation and business.

Another tip is to reach out. Reach out for support to help you gain a new perspective on how to deal with the negative attacks. A perspective other than yours can be very helpful at times. Look into several website support services. The website is a great outlet for removing bad search results and that provides services to help an individual be able to regain a positive and great reputation. The website can help one strategize and think outside of the box on how to handle a situation that is ruining ones reputation. In conclusion, as an entrepreneur it is always important to know how to deal with attacks towards the business and reputation in a productive manner.

Kabbalah: Opening The Doors To A Better Way Of Life

Kabbalah is an amazing resource available to people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and religions. Kabbalah seeks to provide people with spiritual information they may be able to use in their lives to feel less confusion, more clarity, and a deeper spiritual connection to the light of God. Kabbalah in no way is a forced religion, rather Kabbalah provides information based on an ancient wisdom that may allow people to live their best life. Students of Kabbalah can apply these teachings to their lives to gain a better understanding of why certain things happen in their lives.

Living in today’s world can feel confusing because the 99% of our spiritual reality is blocked by busy distractions of modern life. Some days people wake up and feel totally not connected to their true purpose and this can lead to depression and feelings of inadequacy. They may feel unfulfilled in their jobs, relationships and day to day decisions. Kabbalah Centres are educational and learning centers where revered teachers provide information about Kabbalah and astrology that students may apply to their lives to live their lives with more clarity and a better understanding of why the happenings in their life are actually happening.

Kabbalah is a mystical approach to understanding the Jewish interpretation of the Bible. The Kabbalah Centre also have teachings, seminars and teach ways of meditation that can open up the students to the light of God and connect them to a more anchored purpose in their lives that stems into their relationships, jobs, family life and more. It is in fact possible to study Kabbalah at Kabbalah Centre without any previous knowledge of the Hebrew text. This opens the teachings to anyone who is seeking to find a deeper connection to their life, no matter what their background or native language spoken.

Bob Reina is Changing the Way a Company Runs by Giving Back

Talk Fusion has risen to the top of the video communications market in one short decade. But, being at the top in video communication is not the only opportunity that is presented by Talk Fusion; this company has the concept of “giving back” ingrained into everything they do because owner, CEO and acting manager, Bob Reina, is directed towards helping people, animals and a variety of other charities to help them make their dreams come true.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 but was a tech project that Bob had been working on since 2004. It was then that he had tried to send a 10-second video to his family and friends, but he couldn’t because there were no acceptable email videos then. Bob changed all that when he founded Talk Fusion and brought superior video communication to the market. The company was an immediate success because this incredible technology was needed around the world.

The features that are included are video email, video newsletters, video chat, live meetings, sign-up forms and analytical programs to maintain business. These options excel beyond what is offered today, at one-third the cost. Talk Fusion also uses the latest updating and customizations available.

CEO Bob Reina is a compassionate global entrepreneur and philanthropist. He leads the company with these characteristics because he believes that giving back is just as important as running the company. His associates now believe that too.

Reina has extended help to Boys2Men Home, The Esperando Association, Ohana Services Network, No Sister Left Behind Inc., and he also gave the one all-in-one account to each employee to give to a non-profit organization of their choice.

Not only has Bob Reina created the highest tech video company in the world, he has created a culture that cares about their customers as well as about people everywhere, and he has attained this level in less than 10 years. Talk Fusion will be the video company to watch in the next 10 years because Reina believes that there is no vision too small or too big that it can’t be accomplished.

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Eugenia Shea Butter – Origin of Goodness

Eugenia Shea has been a forefront producer and distributor of Shea butter across the world. Their name comes from the Greek word, Eu-Genia, meaning the origin of goodness. Their primary product is Shea butter originating from the seeds of the Shea fruit. Shea butter is full of nutrients including Vitamin A, E and F. It also contains properties that help with collagen production. To nourish the skin and relieve drying skin it also contains oleic, stearic, palmitic, and linolenic acids.

Though most use shea butter for moisturizing the skin it has many more benefits. It has been found to reduce inflammation and smooths the skin. Studies conducted in 2010 discovered that the cinnamic acid reduced inflammation and helped to prevent skin mutations, such as acne.

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties, specifically the cinnamic acid, even stretch marks can be reduced, baggy eyes eliminated, and a mild sunscreen. It can be used as a massage cream, baby care product, or even to help reduce dry scalp. Much like stretch marks, the appearance of scars can be faded by regular application.

Ladies can use the product for makeup removal. Its natural properties will smooth over the skin, releasing makeup from its adherence to the skin. As an added bonus, while removing the day’s chemicals and dirt, her skin can be moisturized and any puffiness, or discoloration will be relieved as well.

The Eugenia Shea company takes advantage of these beneficial natural properties and the different uses and offers their product for anyone who appreciates the properties of shea butter. Eugenia is a humanitarian company that uses ethical practices in the production and distribution of their product. Female employees from Ghana are offered living wages as well as a benefits package that returns 15% of their profits back to their employees through their educational fund.

The founder of Eugenia Shea was drawn to the development and production of shea butter because of inspiration from his mother. She was dying of cancer and he took the experience of spending time with her to develop a sense of family and community that he translates is his business and productivity model.